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Managing the Gray Areas, Jerry Manas

Managing the Gray Areas – Essential Insights for Leading People, Projects & Organizations

“When Jerry Manas writes on leadership, I pay attention. Managing the Gray Areas is his best yet … a new path for leaders.”

– Pat Williams, Author & Senior VP, Orlando Magic

“Refreshing guidance on leading with compassion and integrity …sage advice … a must read…”

– Cindy Joy Marselis, Professor, Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University

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In Managing the Gray Areas, Jerry Manas explores the most challenging dilemmas that leaders struggle with, offering guidelines, principles and tools to help managers navigate these murky waters.

Managing the Gray Areas breaks fresh ground. An amalgam of philosophy, science, art, medicine, business and history – ‘Managing’ delves into such topics as values, ethics, decision-making, incentives, staffing, critical thinking, communication and more.

Challenges and issues it addresses include:

  • Ensuring accountability without micromanagement

  • Implementing the right level of internal processes

  • Balancing individual needs with organizational goals

  • Communicating with simplicity and context

  • Assembling teams with the right mix of people

  • Creating positive images for organizations, teams and products

  • Building flexible, yet integrated organizations


Managing the Gray Areas is about understanding and managing complexity, rather than taking black & white approaches, ultimately toward leading with grace and humanity – as well as improved morale, productivity and the many other benefits such leadership brings.

Additional Praise for Managing the Gray Areas


“This is an excellent book for every aspiring leader. Managing the Gray Areas offers great insights into principle-based leadership and decision-making.

– Scott Raskin CEO, Mindjet

“There is no escaping the complexity of decision-making in an increasingly gray world, whether in business or in life.  Jerry Manas’ Managing the Gray Areas is a thoughtful and highly useful exploration of the key issues every leader should consider when facing this reality.”

– Anthony Ibargüen CEO, Alliance Consulting Group

“Jerry Manas systematically and vividly exposes the hidden fallacies of outmoded, black and white thinking and decision-making approaches that have become ubiquitous in today’s leadership practices. In this paradigm-shifting, eye-opening and landmark book, Jerry introduces a new, powerful and compelling set of practices and tools that leaders of teams, organizations and even nations can apply to motivate their constituencies and better navigate the ambiguities of today’s complex and gray business environment.  A standing ovation!”

– Doug DeCarlo Author, eXtreme Project Management: Using Leadership, Principles and Tools for Delivering Value in the Face of Volatility.


In his latest book, Managing the Gray Areas, Jerry Manas reveals how to tackle the thorny issues inherent when dealing with complex challenges and decision making in business. Leaders today need a mirror to see their blindspots, and the wisdom distilled in this landmark book can provide that mirror. Whether it’s providing people a way to give “blameless feedback” or learning how to balance structure and flexibility, this book will surprise and inspire even the most seasoned and veteran business leaders.

– Todd Colbeck, MBA President, Colbeck Coaching Group

“Manas provides the perfect examples to compliment the guidelines, techniques and tools that this book offers. This book is a must read for anyone wishing to improve or develop their leadership skills and enhance organizational results.”

– Matthew T. Sheaff Senior Director, The Performance Institute


  • Publisher: RMC Publications

  • Available in: Paperback, Audiobook

  • ISBN: 978-1932735116

  • Published: January 15, 2008

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